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It's been an even longer time..

2008-10-20 15:53:11 by bmj7

What it has...

It's been a while.

2008-02-13 21:50:27 by bmj7

Something that has been on my mind lately, you know how the eye relays data to the mind for what we "see". You know how dogs and animals see in black and white? What if the world is really black and white, what if they are just certain things in different "colored" things that cause our mind to see that color. We have just learned to manipulate what we see so we can make things certain colors, like road signs or road markings. Maybe what our mind thinks as blue is actually just a glob of black. This might partly explain why certain colors make you aggressive like red, maybe it's not the red that makes you aggressive but the property that makes you see red also makes you aggressive, just like blue but with a calming property. I know it doesn't make much sense but just think about it. /end


2007-09-03 01:26:54 by bmj7

I'm only 2 quests away from hr4 now woohoo!On MHP2.

Monster Hunter

2007-09-02 20:36:27 by bmj7

I'm back into monster hunter!Two quest away from elder urgents.


2007-08-17 14:44:15 by bmj7

If you need a good game for get tales of the world:Radiant mythology, its RoxOr.

Yeah first news post!

2007-07-22 17:45:01 by bmj7

Yeah! I just saw Chuck and Larry SEE IT NAO!